Brand Bio

Second Best is borne out of designer Samuel Monaghan’s eclectic background. Its DIY mentality is drawn from the culture surrounding hardcore punk, whereas the structure of Second Best’s designs is owed to Monaghan’s background in industrial design.
As a result, Second Best’s output is both rigorous and chaotic, experimental and composed.

Second Best does not follow traditional timelines – it’s honest, not polished. The name itself is a challenge to industry norms. Why bend and break what you believe in to be ‘best’ when you can stand by your principles and be Second Best?

With the aim of leaving nothing behind, the new is made once the old has left the brand. Deadstock is re-worked into one off pieces or iterated as part of a new project, resulting in wearable and non wearable outcomes.

The Modular Bag is the hero product; it best embodies the principles of Second Best. Wearing one commits to the brand and product whilst allowing for future iterations through alternative modules.

Second Best is never finished.

 - Second Best